Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Daily Commute In Mexico

Yesterday, I went to work with Jaime to see how his days are. We left the house at 5:45 am, walked fifteen minutes to the edge of his secured neighborhood. We hailed and boarded a very packed bus. We rode that bus (picture a schoolbus that is past its prime) to La Raza Metro-bus station where we climbed the pedestrian over-pass bridge and then descended the other side. The Metrobusses are long, articulated busses which run in their own lane and have stations like subway stations, but in the middle of the roadway median, not underground. This bus took us all the way to The Anglo where he teaches. 4 hours later, we left to go to a tutoring lesson. A couple hours after that, bad lunch at VIPs, then off to window shop and then to the teacher development course on the MetroBus. 4 hours later, we started the hour and a half journey home. We were both so exhausted we just hurried off to bed. He got up this morning to start another equally grinding and lengthy day. I get to putz around here today. We should have the apartment on Sunday. That will cut down the commute by nearly three-quarters! That's when I'll start working.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roadside and Bus-stop Shrines

There are shrines to the Virgin of Guadelupe everywhere in Mexico City. The thing I like is that they are attached to bus stops and lit with the bus-stop electricity. In "Under The Tuscan Sun" the author says that Mary is like everyone's favorite Aunt. I go one further. She is mother to motherless and comforter to those who need it. I am not the most religious person, but I do love the reassurance of her unchanging and beautiful image.

Some higher force has definitely made it possible for all this to happen. I am grateful and am proud to be part of a good and loving universe.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in Mexico

For any readers who don't know, I moved to Mexico (city and country) for reasons of the heart, adventure of the soul, and a job. You may have been wondering how any of this could work. It is working out very nicely, except my feet and legs hurt from all the darned walking.

I arrived at Benito Juarez International Airport on the 29th of October, late in the evening. After a five-hour flight of nonstop meows and yowls from my ineffectively tranquilized cat, Bootsie. In the airport, I collected my four very heavy suitcases, two carry-ons and cat and started off to customs. I was diverted to the Dept. of Agriculture for Bootsie's official welcome in Mexico. Although her papers were in good order, the man spoke no English and kept hinting that things could be faster if I paid him. I was glad I speak almost no Spanish-so playing dumb was very easy to do. He finally gave up and gave me my papers. Bootsie was now welcome in her new home.

I wrestled with the oversized and weight bags. The luggage cart kept shifting and poor Boots tumbled from the top onto the floor. She is fine... but man, was she mad. My love was waiting outside the security doors, video-taping my arrival. He makes this my home. We taxied to his mother's house where we were lovingly accosted by his mom, sister, and brother-oh, and dog.
Bootsie and I have settled in fine, She has really taken to Jaime and loves sleeping with us.

October 30th we went to the local Bodega and bought provisions for cat and for comida (lunch)
which I would be cooking in the kitchen of, and under the watchful eyes of) Juana, Jaime's mom. The bodega is actually part of Wal-Mart. Before shopping, we ate at VIPS, a very nice diner (owned by Wal-Mart). I could find few ingredients which I was used to cooking, so I did my best. It was okay... we will go to a better store for better spices soon.

While I cooked in front of the whole family, Jaime called apartments listed in the classifieds. No one wants Bootsie.... then there was one. A woman with an apartment not far from the US Embassy takes cats! We went to see it and were really pleased with the location, configuration, and size of the apartment. It is so clean and bright with many windows. Unfortunately, the bathroom is small and tiled in mustard tiles with blue fixtures-ick. So, we are hoping and praying that the lady will take us. Today we will go to meet with her.

Halloween decorations are awesome here! And dead loved ones are remembered and included in fun ways like sugar skulls and a partying, female grim reaper! Woo Hoo! Folks decorate and Trick-or-Treat. I am so glad I can still have such a fun holiday! We went to a bear event-it was not as friendly as back home... but there was a really hot dancer there. We just stood and stared for a while... then wiped the drool from our chins and hung out till 2:45 am. then had a scary cab race home.

November First. Chilly weather here, but I feel warm at heart. Gotta go see the apartment again, and the owner of it. Time for prayers. God is good and so is the apartment. I send out to the universe that I am ready and willing to gratefully accept all good things into my life.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waiting is a difficult game to play.

I am really excited now that all my documents have been sent to my new employer and it all rests in their hands. I am excited, but now I find myself stressed about all the elements I cannot control. I'm trying to take care of all that needs doing here in DC and am truly impressed by Jaime's efforts there in Mexico City. I know all will work out, but I want it all now! I hope my furniture sells soon... my photos are starting to leave alot to be desired.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Momentum Increasing Daily

Hello! Much has happened in the last week! I have given my notice to vacate my apartment, the completion certificate from my advanced ESL course arrived by mail, and I sent the e-mail begging for work! Now the ball is rolling and I can no longer stop it! Wow! I can't believe this is all happening so fast... after we waited so long for it to!

On an inner, more sentimental note: I am loving this fall weather. There is a crispness to the fall air which I will truly miss in DF (Distrito Federal or Mexico City). The leaves are dropping all over my dad's front yard, and we must paint some window frames and such before winter arrives. I will miss my family and friends when I leave, but I won't miss winter.

Fingers crossed for the job to come through!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Anxiousness grows as my move approaches.

On the fifth anniversary of my mom's death, I am realizing that I have only weeks left in my homeland before my adventure begins. Having found the love of my life in another land, and having been laid off here at home, I am off to a new career and life in beautiful Mexico City! Follow me on my adventures through weekly entries as I progress through my adventure. I love company. About me- Just turned 40, gay, male, and completely enamored with the most beautiful man I have ever met. I was a travel agent until recently. I have been a bartender, waiter, ice cream parlor manager, am a brother, a son, a cousin and a cradle catholic who doesn't practice but loves the pomp and circumstance and art of that religion... but prefers the message of Buddhism, Quakerism and of Unitarian Universalism. I am heavy and furry (a bear in gay-speak) and excited and scared to change everything! I am certified to teach English as a Second Language and want to do so in Mexico. Read about my adventures and comment if you like. Thanks for reading my blog.